Dallas, TX Newborn Photographer || Baby Langston

Newborn baby boy wide awake wearing just a diaper looking directly at the camera at his lifestyle newborn photo shoot in Dallas.

I loved spending my morning with this sweet family of four at little Langston’s lifestyle newborn session at his home in Dallas, TX. He was 3 weeks old at the time of his session and he was cute as can be. He slept for half the time and was wide awake for the other half, which was perfect. In addition to those adorable sleeping images, I was able to get some serious eye contact too! His older sister, 21 months old, was very intrigued by our photo shoot and spent a great deal of time following me around and imitating me. She even got up on a step stool when she saw me get up on a ladder. Seriously adorable! I have so many favorite images from this session, below are just a few of them…

Newborn boy sleeping with his hands on the side of his face.  He is wearing a blue swaddle and is laying in a basket with a blue fur.
Detail image of parent's hands holding their sleeping newborn son at his newborn photo shoot with Dallas newborn photographer Susan Baraban Photography.
Dallas, TX newborn photographer Susan Baraban Photography.
Black and white image of a family of four having fun playing during a lifestyle newborn photo shoot in Dallas, TX.
Close up image of a newborn baby boy looking directly into the camera with wide eyes while being held by his father.

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